Moment Priya’s release; Retired Supreme Court Judge Kurian Joseph to preside 2022

Retired Supreme Court Judge Justice Kurian Joseph has been tasked with spearheading the release of Priya, who was sentenced to death in Yemen while in prison. Trying to free the moment by giving blood money. For this, he will hold discussions with the family of the deceased Yemeni citizen Talal Mohammed. The discussion will be moderated by Kurian Joseph.

Meanwhile, a mother and her eight-year-old daughter have approached the Ministry of External Affairs seeking permission to see her in jail. All four members of the Save Moment Action Council have asked for permission to go with them.

The mother had said she would visit the family of slain Yemeni Talal Abdumahdi and apologize if permission was granted. Nimisha’s mother and daughter are preparing to go to Yemen after the Center clarified that it could not intervene directly to save Nimisha Priya. The Center had yesterday stated that it could not directly participate in the negotiations to settle the case by giving blood money to the family of the deceased Yemeni citizen.

The Central Government has said that it will provide assistance to Priya’s relatives to file an appeal in the Supreme Court and arrange for them to go to Yemen. The central government has stated its position in a petition filed by Save Nimisha Priya International Action Council. The Delhi High Court rejected the action council’s plea, saying that a settlement should be reached through relatives first. The Chief Justice also said that the court could be approached if there was any obstruction in the settlement process between the relatives.

The death sentence was handed down in the case of the murder of Yemeni citizen Talal Abdu Mahdi. The incident related to the case took place in July 2017. Talal Abdul Mehdi, a Yemeni national, was killed and his body was hidden in a water tank.

Moment claims that Talal, who came to Yemen with the promise of help to start his own clinic while working as a nurse, was brutally tortured after his passport was confiscated. Talal was killed by injecting an overdose.

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