Nothing in Malayalam cinema will be the same anymore 2022

It was only after the famous actor Dileep was jailed for assaulting the actress that the common people started realizing that something was rotten in Malayalam cinema. It can be said that since then people have started to firmly believe that there are no holy cows in the world of cinema. Until recently, the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists or Amma was the last word in the world of Malayalam cinema. Producers and technicians, all those involved in the film industry, had to heed their mother’s words if they were to survive in the industry. Not a single leaf has moved in Hollywood beyond what the mother says.

The reason why Amma is so influential in the Malayalam film industry is not because of Amma but because of a conspiratorial group that has been influencing the film industry from time to time. It was that conspiratorial group of not more than ten people who decided the leadership of everyone working in the field of Malayalam cinema. Their dislike will pave the way for anyone, their will will put anyone on the throne, and all men and women working in Malayalam cinema must submit to this conspiratorial group and their cronies and pipers.

But even before the Dileep incident, some protests and antagonisms had started appearing in the world of Malayalam cinema, but it was all suppressed by the deadly destructive power of the mother. It was only after an actress was brutally tortured in a moving car that the Malayalee began to understand the true face of the mother organization. The organization also has the rare honor of standing with its prey by praying for it.

But from there the ties began to break. After the attack on the actress, an organization called womens in cinema collective or wcc was formed. They became a force of pressure within the mother. It soon became clear to those in charge that the conspiratorial groups could not handle the organization as intended. In the meantime, Rita wants to learn about the crises and exploitation of women in the film industry and to report on them. The government appoints a committee headed by Justice Hema. The committee also issued a report after the study. The government says it did not release the information because it contained shocking information. If necessary, the government can omit the names of the victims and release it. Doing so will bring down even this cabinet. That is why the government is reluctant to take such an initiative.

But to its advantage, there was an internal grievance redressal cell or internal complaints committee in Amma. Shweta Menon has now resigned as its chairperson. Member Mala Parvathy has resigned earlier and Kuku Parameswaran has also resigned along with Swetha. A film actress had lodged a complaint with the Ernakulam South police station alleging that producer, director and actor Vijay Babu had raped her. Vijayaj Babu went abroad to escape arrest. However, Vijay Babu mentioned the name of the girl who had leveled allegations against him on Facebook. While it is clear that Vijay Babu did this legally and morally, it is a big mistake not to reveal the names of the victims, but no child in the Amma organization has raised a finger against it. Despite many arguing that Vijay Babu should be expelled from his mother, Vijay Babu himself presented a letter in which Vijay Babu himself had written that he was standing aside, and Babu deliberately saved him from expulsion.

Interestingly, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Amma’s vice president, said that Vijay Babu was standing at a junction, so should we leave him? With this, Mala Parvathy, Swetha and Kukkuparameswaran had to resign from their mother’s internal grievance redressal cell.

In any case, things will not be the same in Malayalam cinema as they used to be, there will be questions and they will have to be answered. The murderers of Malayalam cinema, who say that women are only for one use, began to kneel. The questions kept coming up and they started realizing that even if the child was dropped out of class, the question would still remain there. The mother, who was created for the convenience of the heroes of Abrapalli, found out that all the girlfriends would only run on the screen, and that anti-feminism is anti-human. Therefore, nothing will be the same here.

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