One rupee for a liter of petrol; Students protest against fuel price hike on Ambedkar Day 2022

A student organization in Maharashtra distributed petrol for one rupee on Ambedkar Day. At the pump in Solapur City, Dr. Ambedkar Students’ and Youth Panthers led the celebration of Ambedkar Day and the protest against the fuel price hike.

The first 500 people to arrive at the pump were given petrol for Rs. The protesting organization had decided to give only one liter per person. Many people who knew the information came to the petrol pump. Police arrived at the scene and controlled the crowd.

Another protest came as petrol prices in the country approached Rs 120 per liter. The state leader of the organization said that petrol was distributed for one rupee as a relief to the people in the current situation. Petrol and diesel prices have remained unchanged for the past nine days. Between March 22 and April 6, the price had gone up by Rs 10 per liter. In Delhi, a liter of petrol costs Rs 105 and today diesel costs Rs 96.

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