One thing about this Rajasthan admin, video goes viral 2022

The Rajasthan Royals are a team that has attracted a lot of fans ahead of this year’s IPL through social media. The Rajasthan admin made headlines by sharing interesting videos and dialogues of the stars. Meanwhile, the admin who made a lot of fun of Sanju Samson is gone. The current admin also shares interesting videos following the path of his predecessor. The training video went viral, with Chehl wearing a helmet and a paddle that usually does not provide much training in batting as usual.

In the video shared by the Rajasthan Royals team on the official Twitter Hardy, you can see teammates Sanju Samson and Shimron Hetmeyer teaching him how to bat and teaching him to play big shots.

Chehal, the chief troll of Indian players, asks Jose Butler: “Do I feel scared when I see batting practice?”

The new admin can see the comments as super, just like the old admin

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