Raina made me feel like my God, that day that changed my life- young star with revelation 2022

Suresh Raina has the distinction of being the best record-breaking batsman in the IPL and Chennai’s number three irreplaceable talent. Known as the little head in the hearts of the fans, his behavior towards his teammates and opponents played a big role in gaining a lot of fans. Karthik Tyagi, the young pacer of Sunrisers Hyderabad, has now revealed that Suresh Raina has entered his life as God and that Raina has played a crucial role in his career.

“‘Suresh Raina came into my life like God. People started recognizing me after I was selected in the Ranji team. I reached the Ranji team after overcoming many obstacles. Raina was also at the training camp there. I was just wondering how I could talk to a great player like him.

That’s when I was shocked when he started to come back after training and came up to me and asked about my game. Given the opportunity to panther in the nets. He said that he liked bowling after seeing my performance and promised that he would ensure me opportunities in the future. The fact that someone like Suresh Raina noticed my performance was a big thing to me.

“I thought he was making fun of me for saying he would give me a chance. Later I was shocked to see my name in the UP Ranji team. That is where my Ranji career started. Then I was able to join the Indian Under-19 team – Karthik shared his memories

Last year, Karthik Tyagi’s lethal bowling helped Rajasthan Royals beat Punjab by two runs. Punjab, who were just four runs short in the final over, were expected to win easily. But Tyagi Fultos and Yorker pitched the ball accurately outside the stumps and Karthik won the game.

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