Remains report that he had a year-long acquaintance with Reshma, knowing that he was the culprit who hid Nijil Das 2022

The remand report states that Reshma kept Nijil Das, the accused in the Punnol Haridas murder case, in hiding knowing that he was the accused. The house was given as per the direct request of the accused. According to Reshma, she has known Nijil Das for a year and comes home from time to time. This is stated in the report submitted to the court.

Reshma is a teacher at Punnol Amrita Vidyalaya. Her husband is an expatriate Prashant. The accused Pinarayi was arrested from his house in Pandyalamukku last day. Reshma was later arrested by the police. Nijil Vishu, who had been in hiding in various places, started living in Prashant’s house in Pandyalamukku from the 17th. Reshma was given the house as per her request to be allowed to stay in hiding for a few days.

However, Reshma’s father said that he did not know that he was the culprit in the murder case and that the house was given to him as the husband of Reshma’s friend. Meanwhile, the police demanded a detailed inquiry into Reshma’s role. The remand report submitted to the Thalassery court demanded that Reshma be questioned in detail.

Reshma was granted bail by the Thalassery Judicial Magistrate Court yesterday. Pinarayi should not enter the premises of New Mahi station for two weeks and should appear before the inquiry team every two weeks till the charge sheet is filed in the case. Reshma was released on Rs 50,000 bail by two persons.

Meanwhile, a bomber targeted the house where Nijil Das was hiding after his arrest. The house was damaged in the attack. From the outset, the CPM had accused Nijil Das, an RSS activist, of being behind Haridas’ assassination.

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