Revenge was supposed to be on Manju, who did not expect to survive; Many in the film industry know a lot: Bhagyalakshmi 2022

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Revenge was supposed to be on Manju, who did not expect to survive; Many in the film industry know a lot: Bhagyalakshmi

Kochi: Dubbing artiste Bhagyalakshmi said that it was thought that Dileep would take revenge against Manju Warrier. Bhagyalakshmi said she did not expect revenge for her survival.

‘I do not know if Manju has told the police before what she told me. I do not know if what I said will be helpful in the case of attacking the actress. I told her how much Manju must have suffered at that time when some very bad audio recordings came out about her. I do not know about the benefits of Manju saying that to the police. Let’s see what comes next.

I do not know what are the messages and audio recordings coming from the mobile. I do not believe Manju’s statement was based on what I said. It is possible that Manju had said that earlier. Chechi told me that he had told us everything in a way that we talked to each other.

If what I say is helpful then of course I am willing to share it with the police. I have no fear of it. I said things with some speed because the news was they. I actually had more to say in more detail than that.

Not that Dileep said the very bad words he spoke to me that night, I did not say any of the words he said to me about Manju that day. I did not say that for any other reason, because I do not know how useful it will be in this case. He spoke briefly, saying that there was little time left. If the police ask, I will tell in detail. There is no hesitation or doubt in that.

Manju’s condition that day was beyond what we could talk about. Theirs was a joint account. It’s frozen. Manju did not have a car as she was told not to take any cars home. Manju called me yesterday to get off and said, “Chechi, there is no car.” Actress Manju Warrier is not an actress.

Survivor Manju Warrier is basically a woman. I had no friendship with Manju Warrier. Back then I thought I could stand by when I was an orphan. Manju lived there for months in a very sad state. Police have not yet been called. I look at it with great amazement. No one called, from or outside the film industry.

It’s the norm for many people to say the worst thing about a woman when she leaves a relationship saying no to it. I have experienced this in my own life. That soundtrack teaches you to make many accusations that should not be made. That’s what I felt like saying when I heard it.

Many people in the film industry know a lot about this subject. No one speaks out. It is the mindset of what we are. A girl is crucified by all. When she realizes that she has a good status and value in front of the society, she applies any kind of bad word to the thought that it should be eliminated. That’s where I came forward and talked.

I did not think survival would come to this stage. I was pretty scared of Manju. I myself have often told Manju, beware. Be very careful when going in the car. Such a misfortune befell something very life. I advised Manju first, be very careful. Do not drive alone. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. There must be someone. Don’t go in a taxi, me. Manju asked me if that would happen, Chechi. No, we do not know, but I said be careful.

I said that because I have experienced such things in my life. Beware of accidents, you were told you were a dancer. Manju did not intend to act then. Then Manju’s life changes and comes back through advertisements. All that time I had a fear. But he never thought he would return to survival.

Survival has told me, it changes from a lot of movies. That is changing badly from the industry. Chechi excluded me from a lot of movies. Dileep skipped movies. Dileep told many people and threatened many directors, ‘said Bhagyalakshmi.

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