Saadiya: Ramadan sermon to end on Sunday 2022

Abu Dhabi | Jamia Saadiya Arabia during the holy month of Ramadan
The Ramadan Lecture organized by the UAE Chapter in various Emirates will conclude on Sunday in Umm Al Quwain.

Mohammad Ali Saqafi, Vice-Principal, Jamia Saadiya Arabia, Vice Principal and Member, Samastha Mushawara, Thrikkarippur.

In addition to institutional collaborators, Sangha families, socio-cultural activists, ICF, RSC, KCF and DK were present at the gatherings, which were organized by Saadiya units across all Emirates in the UAE. Concerning C activists. In addition, as part of popularizing Saadiya’s message, an Iftar gathering, a scholarly meeting, an alumni meet and a family meet were held.

Saadiya Central Committee President Syed KS Atakoya Thangal, General Secretary Syed Fazal Pookoya Thangal, Mustafa Darimi Katangode, Hamid Parappa, UAE Chapter President Syed Zafi Baha , Abdullah Uluwar and others.

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