Sankaranarayanan; Leader who upheld the Nehruvian perspective 2022

Palakkad | Good language, a Nehruvian outlook, these are the things that differentiate the perfect secularist Sankaranarayana. He was a passion for leaders and activists. During the election, when the leaders were vying for the seat, the party was looking for a seat for itself. He was appointed Governor of Maharashtra during Manmohan Singh’s UPA regime. He then served as governor of six states. After stepping down as governor, he wanted to get into active politics but was retiring due to illness.

Although he has won governorships in six states, in fact Sankaranarayanan even deserved to be the Chief Minister. Sankaranarayanan himself has stated that the reason for not getting the seat is that a section of the party itself has been frozen. K Sankaranarayanan’s policy was to give prominence to the younger generation in the party but not to completely exclude the old leaders. He came out strongly not only against the dissent within the party but also against the stand of the BJP government at the Center. When the BJP came to power in 2014, there was a demand for the resignation of governors appointed by the then Congress. However, K Sankaranarayanan’s position that the governor is a sovereign and will not resign on the grounds of political discrimination has caused a great deal of controversy.

K Sankaranarayanan also had a clear vision of the plight of the UDF in the state. When the Pinarayi government came to power, he repeatedly said at subsequent front meetings that the UDF could return to Kerala if it worked together. Sankaranarayanan said that the UDF and the Congress should move away from the status quo and warned that action should be taken in good faith. What sets K Sankaranarayanan apart is the kind of news that can reach anyone in good language. Not only the Congress but also the Opposition parties have had to succumb to K Sankaranarayanan’s humor. Last year, he wrote an autobiography, Anupam Jeevitham, about his political career.


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