Srinivasan’s speech is not a cure for cancer, the common man, the actor modern treatment, doctor’s note 2022

‘Ordinary people not treated for cancer by listening to Srinivasan’s speech, modern treatment for actor,’ doctor’s note

Kozhikode: Following the news that actor Srinivasan has left the hospital after undergoing treatment for a heart condition, Dr. Manoj Vellanad recalled the propaganda about his modern medicine.

In a Facebook post, Manoj Vellanad said that Srinivasan’s word of mouth was that modern medicine was not thrown into the sea, so this time too he got good treatment when his condition worsened.

He also shared the experience of a government official who was denied treatment for cancer after hearing Srinivasan’s speech.

‘Once an ordinary government official was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The doctor who first saw him referred him for specialist treatment. He was listening to actor Srinivasan’s speech on TV when he was saddened to be diagnosed with the disease.

It would not be untrue for someone so famous to say that there is no cure for cancer and that death is the only way forward. The patient stopped treatment there. A few weeks later, when he was brought to the emergency room with a bowel obstruction, his stage 1 cancer was already stage 3.

After hearing Srinivasan’s speech, another man was diagnosed with oral cancer and tried to commit suicide. He escaped only because his wife saw it in time. He has been living happily ever after for more than 5 years, only because he was treated for cancer properly (this has been written about before), ‘said Manoj Vellanad.

Manoj Vellanad said that Srinivasan was against not only the treatment of cancer but also all the treatments in modern medicine and constantly preached that all medicines should be thrown into the sea.

They were excellent examples of what could be said outside of the credibility and reputation of being a good filmmaker. But when he falls ill, he seeks treatment at the state-of-the-art Modern Medicine Hospital. I do not call it double standards. Anyone who desires life will do the same. Do the same. That’s right. But the poor who believed his sermons did not know this. Another time he preached that organ transplants were for money and that those who had been transplanted were no longer alive. Years ago, a patient with a heart transplant wrote to him. He wrote that hundreds of people like him were still alive.

As mentioned earlier, how many people we do not know and no one knows may have been caught up in Srinivasan’s excuses? Who knows ..!
Anyone can criticize modern medicine. Filmmakers, politicians, writers, farmers, anyone can do it. But it must be factual, based on evidence, and not intended to mislead or mislead the ignorant so as not to seek treatment. In short, that criticism should not be imaginary. Manoj Vellanad wrote that this is where Srinivasan is being criticized.

“Anyway, at least he didn’t go down without explaining himself first.” He recovered and left the hospital today. Definitely good news.
May he live long. I hope we all enjoy being active in cinema soon, ‘added Manoj Vellanad.

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