Stories written for human beings 2022

John Paul was one of the most important screenwriters who gave a new lease of life to Malayalam cinema in the eighties. John Paul’s screenplays were once the backbone of Malayalam mediator films. The Bharathan-Mohan-John Paul collaboration has given us all new experiences and insights. It was through John Paul’s screenplays that the Malayalees came to realize how sublime and profound their work can be when even the smallest pages of human life are the subject of the film.

John Paul wrote the scripts for over a hundred films without even writing a short story, and was a storyteller in every sense. His screenplays are full of the horrors, trials, lust, hatred, hatred and love of ordinary human life. He made the trajectories of the big world invisible to us through small lives. Humans, who are always on the brink of death, celebrated their small joys and victories as the greatest experience on earth. John Paul’s screenplays were all about endless stories of such men.

All the characters he found were copied, knowingly or unknowingly, from the men in front of him. Every human being in front of us has stories to tell. Those men would never consider their own life stories great. But when John Paul appeared before them, when he snatched those stories from them, and adorned them with colorful gifts of his deepest imagination, John Paul himself knew that they would be works that transcended time. Therefore, he always had an unquenchable desire to be present in the living environment of human beings. He has amassed hundreds of stories in the mind of a historian to pass on to the new generation about Kochi and Ernakulam. John Paul was always proud to be a native of Ernakulam.

John Paul’s screenplays are all about loosening the sentimentality of Malayalam cinema. Through his screenplays he showed that women and men who constantly fail have a lot to say and that the lives of the losers are deeper than the lives of the winners.
Bharathan’s Chamaram (1980), Marmaram (1981), Mohan’s Farewell Before (1981), Kathayariyathe (1981), Bharathan’s Memory (1981), Rails (1981), Ashok Kumar’s Honey and Vayampu (1981), Mohan’s Alolam (1982), I.V. Sasi’s Ina (1982), Bharathan’s Sandhya Mayangum Neram (1983), PG Vishwambharan’s Sagaram Shantham (1983), Onnu Chirikku (1983), Mohan’s (1983), K.S. Sethumadhavan’s Unknown Streets (1984), Nobody Knows (1984), IV Sasi’s Athirathram (1984), Sathyan Anthikkad’s Close (1984), Joshi’s Inakkili (1984), T. Along with Damodaran, Bharathan’s Ithirippoove Chuvanna Poove (1984), Sathyan Anthikkad’s Chapter One (1985), Bharathan’s Kathod Kathoram (1985), P.G. Vishwambharan’s Voice Today (1985), K.S. Sethumadhavan’s Here (1985), PG Vishwambharan’s Shadow in the Shadow (1985), Balu Mahendra’s Journey (1985), Sathyan Anthikkad’s Revathikoru Pavakutty (1986), Kamal’s Mizhineerpookkal (1986), Unnikale Oru Katha (1987) IV Sasi’s Fast with Damodaran (1987), Bharathan’s Neelakurunji Poothappoll (1987), A Minnaminungu’s Nurungu Vattam (1987), Kamal’s Unnikrishnan’s First Christmas (1988), Bharat Gopi’s Utsavappittennu (1988), Bharathan’s One Evening (1989). The Exodus of Jesse (1990), by K.S. How Many Movies Like Madhu’s Preparation (1990), Second Coming (1991), IV Sasi’s Bhoomika (1991), Bharathan’s Malootty (1991), Anil’s Suryagayatri (1992), Sibi Malayil’s Akshar (1995), Bharathan’s Manjeeradhvani (1997) .

All these mark two decades of Malayalam cinema. If John Paul’s films were to be replaced, the world of Malayalee cinema from 1980 to 2000 would be almost empty. Many of the above movies are commercially super hits. John Paul’s pen showed us that we can create great commercial hits with Nedumudi Venu and Sharade.

John Paul was the Founder Secretary of MACTA, an organization of technical experts in Malayalam cinema. Having held that position for a long time laid a solid foundation for the organization. John Paul was also the producer of the film ‘Oru Cheru Punchiri’ directed by MT Vasudevan Nair. He has made a documentary and written a book about MT. He is the author of several film history books, including a book on Bharathan, and has won the State Government Award for Best Film Writing. His memoir on the Safari channel had won thousands of fans with the beauty of the unique language used by John Paul.

What remains behind is a long history when John Paul says goodbye, or in his own words, disappears to the other side of time. Biography of a unique genius who woke up and slept with the golden age of Malayalam cinema. John lives, through his movies, through books, through words

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