Ilayaraja says Modi and Ambedkar are twins … Adinkappa | Trollodu Troll 2022

Ilayaraja Chettan to you ..Modiji and B.R. Ilayaraja says that Ambedkar is a kind of twin who changes when he sees him. There are terrible similarities between the two. Content Highlight: Ilayaraja says Modi and Ambedkar have many similarities | Trollodu Troll

Ilayaraja says Ambedkar and Narendra Modi are alike; Harsh criticism 2022

  Director Ilayaraja compares BR Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Ilayaraja, both are successful in fighting crises from the lower strata of society. Ilayaraja’s comparison is in the preface to the book ‘Ambedkar and Modi: Reformers Ideas Performer Implementation’ published by the Blue Cart Digital Foundation. The … Read more

One rupee for a liter of petrol; Students protest against fuel price hike on Ambedkar Day 2022

A student organization in Maharashtra distributed petrol for one rupee on Ambedkar Day. At the pump in Solapur City, Dr. Ambedkar Students’ and Youth Panthers led the celebration of Ambedkar Day and the protest against the fuel price hike. The first 500 people to arrive at the pump were given petrol for Rs. The protesting … Read more