Can you take that knicker off, Dad? I do not know; Actor Suraj Venjarammoodu reveals his love for Amali 2022

Before becoming a film actor, actor Suraj Venjarammoodu was a mime artist. The actor now shares an interesting experience while talking about that time. Suraj recalled his interesting past in an interview with Mathrubhumi News as part of the promotion of his new film Janaganamana. Suraj’s words Mimicry was first performed on a stage when … Read more

But I could not speak then, I was crushing on the actor: Gayatri Ashok 2022

  Gayatri Ashok is an actress who is well known to the audience through the movie ‘Member Ramesan Ninth Ward’. Now, the actress is revealing her admiration for actor Asif Ali. The actress says that Asif Ali, whom she has been adoring since school days, is also her first crush. Gayatri opened her mind on … Read more

40 crore compensation; I am the sixth accused: Rasool Pookutty on the forgery case 2022

  Rasool Pookutty opened up about the false case against him. He was speaking in an interview with Kaumudi Movies. Speaking of what I experienced, there is an incident. Someone came with me and took a photo. I do not know who this person is. One day I got a legal notice. 40 crore compensation. … Read more

Her question then was why are you wasting her future too: Jayaram 2022

Parvathy is getting married to Jayaram while she is shining as a heroine of talented directors and actors. After marriage, they said goodbye to acting. Now, an old video of actor Jayaram revealing what he was constantly asked by his audience and friends after marriage has gone viral. Jayaram was speaking in an interview with … Read more

The shot is intense but I do not need it Ranjiyettan said: Thank you 2022

Nandu played the role of Maniyan, a full-fledged alcoholic in the movie Spirit. It also got a huge audience attention. Now In an interview with Kaumudi Movies, Nandu shared the experience of director Ranjith cutting a shot that he felt was cool while acting in Spirit. Nandu says that Ranjith has cut a shot that … Read more

I do not like it at all, but vice versa: Blessy from the Sahara Desert Prithviraj 2022

Prithviraj portrays the life of a sheep from the Sahara Desert. The actor’s social media post is a parody of KGF 2’s famous dialogue ‘Violence… Violence… Violence’ about the night shooting of the movie. ‘Night shoot, night shoot, night shoot. I do not like night shoot. I will skip it, but Mr. Blessy likes night … Read more

The pile of love letters piled up so high that the door could not even be opened, and it was not just women; Babu Antony openly 2022

Babu Antony was once a shining star in Malayalam cinema. After a long hiatus, he is returning to cinema with Omar Lulu’s Powerstar. Now, what he said in an interview with Media One about his career and when he came to film is gaining attention. ‘When I was studying at the University of Pune I … Read more

Ilayaraja says Ambedkar and Narendra Modi are alike; Harsh criticism 2022

  Director Ilayaraja compares BR Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Ilayaraja, both are successful in fighting crises from the lower strata of society. Ilayaraja’s comparison is in the preface to the book ‘Ambedkar and Modi: Reformers Ideas Performer Implementation’ published by the Blue Cart Digital Foundation. The … Read more

When Mammootty and Dulquar told the CBI that this name was enough, I had another thought in my mind: Swargachithra Appachan 2022

Fans are waiting for the new movie in the CBI series. CBI 5 The Brain is on the post production stage with Mammootty in the lead and K Madhu in the lead. Swargachithra Appachan, the producer of the film, has said that the current name of the film is CBI 5 The Brain. The name … Read more