Indraprastha is the city of creativity

Indraprastha is the city of creativity This post is about the memorable literary and cultural talents who have had the opportunity to get acquainted and interact with this person during their four decades of life in Delhi, and the proximity of Malayalees to the capital city … Mayyazhi’s narrator, Malayalam’s favorite writer, Shri. Mukundan, in … Read more

DK, to the heroes who take revenge on their estranged wife 2022.

DK, to those who make a hero out of revenge for his estranged wife 2022 The story of the revenge of a tragic hero has been circulating on social media since yesterday. Even those who think they have common sense laughed when they saw it being shared. The protagonist of the story is Dinesh Karthik. … Read more

The enemy of darkness 2022

DISCOURSE The enemy of darkness Yet why are Kejriwal’s spokespersons blaming the BJP for the Bangladeshis and Rohingyas? That’s ‘dog whistling’. When the AAP says Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, those who need to be heard are Muslims. If you can not hear it then it is because your ear is still a human ear, congratulations. The … Read more