Police arrest CPI leaders in Jahangirpuri Binoy Vishwam says they are not cowards 2022

Police arrest CPI leaders in Jahangirpuri Binoy Vishwam says they are not cowards New Delhi: Police have stopped CPI leaders from reaching Jahangirpuri. D. Police arrested Raja, Annie Raja and Binoy Vishwam. The leaders demanded that they visit the site of the demolition and talk to the people. But the police did not admit it … Read more

CPI delegation in Jahangirpuri; Blocked by police 2022

The Delhi Police detained a CPI delegation visiting Delhi Jahangirpuri. The CPI leaders demanded that the police set up barricades. The leaders said they would return only after seeing the victims of demolition operations in the area. Party general secretary D Raja said he would return only after seeing the site of the demolition. A … Read more

The enemy of darkness 2022

DISCOURSE The enemy of darkness Yet why are Kejriwal’s spokespersons blaming the BJP for the Bangladeshis and Rohingyas? That’s ‘dog whistling’. When the AAP says Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, those who need to be heard are Muslims. If you can not hear it then it is because your ear is still a human ear, congratulations. The … Read more

Bulldozer Raj at Jahangirpuri 2022

The RSS teachers have made it clear that their goal is a Hindu nation free of religious minorities and communists. The demolition of Muslim houses in Jahangirpuri in East Delhi yesterday and in Khargon district of Rajasthan last week is a journey towards that goal. The Hanuman procession in Jahangirpuri, the clashes and the demolition … Read more

They are looking after the poor Bengali Muslims; Brinda Karat blames Bajrang Dal for causing trouble in Jahangirpuri 2022

CPI (M) PB member Brinda Karat has said that the bulldozer demolition in Jahangirpuri has a political agenda. It was Bajrang Dal who caused the clashes on Hanuman Jayanti. Brinda also alleged that they were targeting the poor Bengali Muslims in Jahangirpuri. Most of the people living here are Bengali Muslims. Bajrang Dal activists had … Read more

Country BJP bulldozer resigns | Will Brinda Karat take to the streets to stop India 2022?

Country BJP bulldozer resigns | Will Brinda Karat take to the streets to stop India? The sight of bulldozers destroying Muslim residences, buildings and shops in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri is now the talk of the country. The BJP-ruled Municipal Corporation carried out the demolition in defiance of even a Supreme Court order. Only Brinda Karat, a … Read more

Demolition operation at Jahangirpuri; Petitions in Supreme Court today 2022

The Supreme Court will today hear petitions against the demolition of buildings in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. A two-judge bench headed by Justice L Nageshwar Rao will hear the case. The demolition proceedings were stayed by the Supreme Court yesterday but continued. The lawyers will inform the court today about this. The demolition of the East Delhi … Read more

Brinda Karatakumo India to stop BJP’s bulldozer Jahangirpuri 2022

What happened at Jahangirpuri in Delhi? Are these incidents a continuation of the bulldozer raj and JCB raj used by the BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh? What was the complaint of the BJP leader in Delhi who was blamed for the demolition? What were the incidents of violence that took place in Jahangirpuri … Read more