Indraprastha is the city of creativity

Indraprastha is the city of creativity This post is about the memorable literary and cultural talents who have had the opportunity to get acquainted and interact with this person during their four decades of life in Delhi, and the proximity of Malayalees to the capital city … Mayyazhi’s narrator, Malayalam’s favorite writer, Shri. Mukundan, in … Read more

Do not baptize the rocks of Kerala 2022

Do not baptize the rocks of Kerala According to the bishop, the rock was used to build a church and a school. It is no wonder that the Church, the public propagandist and preacher of Christian sectarianism, has taken over the wholesale business of Paramatman. But if a religious group that is supposed to be … Read more

The enemy of darkness 2022

DISCOURSE The enemy of darkness Yet why are Kejriwal’s spokespersons blaming the BJP for the Bangladeshis and Rohingyas? That’s ‘dog whistling’. When the AAP says Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, those who need to be heard are Muslims. If you can not hear it then it is because your ear is still a human ear, congratulations. The … Read more

Book for you Book for us Book for us Mars Nights in 2022

Led by the Jamaat-e-Islami student organization SIO, in the late eighties, a public meeting was organized against our four-pronged ‘M’ publications and a few copies of Mangalam and Malayala Manorama weekly were burnt. The manhunter who witnessed the public meeting, with his drunken content, asked some in a nonchalant manner: ‘You book yourself, we book … Read more