Extensive preparations for the Marcus Ramadan Spiritual Reunion 2022

Kozhikode | Extensive preparations for the success of the spiritual gathering to be held in Markaz on April 26, the 25th night of Ramadan. Organizers are working to make the spiritual gathering of Indian Grand Mufti Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar’s annual Ramadan lecture a great success. Syed Shihabuddin Thangal Muthannoor Thangal Chairman Swagatha Sangham is … Read more

Saadiya: Ramadan sermon to end on Sunday 2022

Abu Dhabi | Jamia Saadiya Arabia during the holy month of Ramadan The Ramadan Lecture organized by the UAE Chapter in various Emirates will conclude on Sunday in Umm Al Quwain. Mohammad Ali Saqafi, Vice-Principal, Jamia Saadiya Arabia, Vice Principal and Member, Samastha Mushawara, Thrikkarippur. In addition to institutional collaborators, Sangha families, socio-cultural activists, ICF, … Read more

No halal food in jail during Ramadan; U.S. prisoner with complaint 2022

Georgia: A prisoner has complained that prison officials refused to give him halal food during the month of Ramadan. The incident took place in Georgia, USA. The complaint was filed by the Council on American Islamic Relations on behalf of prisoner Norman Simmons. The complaint is against the Decob County Jail in Georgia. According to … Read more

The second Friday of Ramadan; Tens of thousands flocked to Iruharam 2022

Mecca / Medina | Tens of thousands flocked to Iruharam to attend the second Friday prayers of the holy month of Ramadan. Believers came for Friday prayers despite the intense heat. On Thursday, a large number of believers flocked to the two harems from the Maghreb, following the removal of the permit condition for entry … Read more

13 lakh Iftar kits distributed during the first ten days of Ramadan at Masjidunnabavi 2022

Medina | The Ministry of Haram Affairs has distributed 13 lakh Iftar kits during the first ten days of Ramadan at Masjidunnabavi in ​​the Prophet’s city. The distribution was overseen by the General Presidency Agency in Masjidunnabavi. During the first ten days of Ramadan, more than 12 lakh bottles of samsam were distributed to those … Read more

‘Ramadan Spring – 2022’ Kasargod News

Which war was martyred by many Companions who memorized the Qur’an? Wars in Islam All the wars waged under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were for defense. If modern wars are bloody and horrific, killing millions, then Islamic wars are not. During the lifetime of the Prophet, there were 74 wars. … Read more