Ilayaraja says Modi and Ambedkar are twins … Adinkappa | Trollodu Troll 2022

Ilayaraja Chettan to you ..Modiji and B.R. Ilayaraja says that Ambedkar is a kind of twin who changes when he sees him. There are terrible similarities between the two. Content Highlight: Ilayaraja says Modi and Ambedkar have many similarities | Trollodu Troll

Suresh Gopi | Let Sri Sureshananda Thiruvadikal catch that foot …. | TrolloduTroll 2022

Hearing that Sri Sureshananda Thiruvadikal is giving away a blessing seed and a rupee note for stepping on a foot ട്രോ Trolls ask if he is the lord of Kolote Content Highlight: Suresh Gopi’s vishu kaineettam stirs up new controversy