Money is the only criterion for aided appointments: SFI National President VP Sanu 2022

Recruitment in aided institutions is done without any merit. Money is the only criterion. The upper caste Hindu and Christian communities have a major presence in the region. If merit and social justice are to be implemented, the appointment should be left to PSC. It is believed that Vellapalli’s statement will accelerate these discussions. ‘Kerala … Read more

Brinda Karatakumo India to stop BJP’s bulldozer Jahangirpuri 2022

What happened at Jahangirpuri in Delhi? Are these incidents a continuation of the bulldozer raj and JCB raj used by the BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh? What was the complaint of the BJP leader in Delhi who was blamed for the demolition? What were the incidents of violence that took place in Jahangirpuri … Read more

Toxic Parenting | Beating foster parents is a social problem | DR.SMITHA CA 2022

Ours is a society where parents are not properly trained to raise their children. Therefore, the relationship between some parents and children becomes toxic. Psychiatrist discusses the causes of toxic parenting, the unscientific nature of beatings, childhood depression, and child suicide. Smitha speaks. #toxicparenting #parenting

Toxic Parenting | How do parents become toxic parents 2022.

Many parents follow a dangerous parenting pattern that requires at least one blow. It leads children to mental problems and suicide. What is Toxic Parenting? What are the symptoms of toxic parenting? What are the problems it causes in children? Why do parents behave like Toxici? | Doll Explainer checks. #toxicparents #parenting #toxicity

Ilayaraja says Modi and Ambedkar are twins … Adinkappa | Trollodu Troll 2022

Ilayaraja Chettan to you ..Modiji and B.R. Ilayaraja says that Ambedkar is a kind of twin who changes when he sees him. There are terrible similarities between the two. Content Highlight: Ilayaraja says Modi and Ambedkar have many similarities | Trollodu Troll

Suresh Gopi | Let Sri Sureshananda Thiruvadikal catch that foot …. | TrolloduTroll 2022

Hearing that Sri Sureshananda Thiruvadikal is giving away a blessing seed and a rupee note for stepping on a foot ട്രോ Trolls ask if he is the lord of Kolote Content Highlight: Suresh Gopi’s vishu kaineettam stirs up new controversy