Kohli of 2016 is the Butler of 2022

IPL Kohli of 2016 is the Butler of 2022 IPL 2022 continues with the excitement of children’s cricket skyrocketing. Players and teams are celebrating the pinnacle of children’s cricket with their excellent scores, run chases, sky-scraping performances and stump-throwing yorkers. The competition is on for the Orange Cap for the most runs and the Purple … Read more

Kohli’s comeback is the need of the hour, he had to come back 2022

Lit OJ Do you know what is the most frustrating thing about a man? It is its own existence. It is unbearable for anyone to suddenly fall from any height. The same is the case with Virat Kohli. How quickly he got away from the cricket children’s books. Virat, who had nothing to lose in … Read more

Virat is saying again and again that this poke is not safe … Shame on the former hero 2022

Former Indian captain and Royal Challengers superstar Virat Kohli has returned to the IPL following his poor form. This is the second match in a row that the player has won the Golden Duck. In the last match, Lucknow Super Giants were bowled out on the first ball, but this time it was against Sunrisers. … Read more

Virat is better than Babur; Says Jose Butler 2022

Former India captain Virat Kohli and Pakistan captain Babur Azam are the greatest players of all time in modern cricket. They are strong in the batting line-up of both the teams and the bowling line-up of any team in the world will be terrified. Both are giants when it comes to shots. If Virat’s aggressive … Read more

Virat came running towards me, but I still had doubts about it, or if I get it, there will be nothing bigger than that: Dinesh Karthik 2022

Virat came running towards me, but I was skeptical, or if I got it, there would be nothing bigger than that: Dinesh Karthik The Royal Challengers Bangalore – Lucknow Super Giants match was a match that the spectators watched with great excitement. Lucknow captain K.L. Rahul’s wicket. It was also a turning point in the … Read more