Termination of ten years of service; Sean Deutsche fired by Burnley 2022

Sean Deutsch has resigned as coach of English Premier League club Burnley. The club decided to fire Daisy after ten years of service. This was officially announced.

Deutsche first took charge of the club in 2012 when Burnley were in the Second Division. It was then up to Daisy to reach out to the team’s Premier League. Deutsche’s excellence has kept Premier Lee Gill Burnley since 2016. Meanwhile, Deutsche also managed to finish Burnley twice in the top ten in the league.

Deutsche’s performance, which kept Burnley out of the Premier League with a limited budget, had garnered a lot of attention. Burnley, currently ranked 18th, are under threat of relegation. But Deutsche, who has faced this situation before, was hopeful that the fans would survive this challenge as well. But the club decided to expel Daisy quite unexpectedly.

Burnley did not specify who would replace Daisy, although he was fired. However, Burnley will be coached by Under – 23 coach Mike Jackson in the next match.

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