The crisis in the power board should be resolved 2022

The crisis on the board is exacerbated by the failure of negotiations between the board management and the KSEB Officers’ Association. Although the management agreed to withdraw the suspension of Executive Engineer Jasmine Banu and Association President MG Suresh Kumar, the Association’s position was that it would not accept the transfer order. Jasmine Banu was shifted to Pathanamthitta Seethathodu Division and Suresh Kumar to Perinthalmanna. The transfer order also states that they have been appointed to replace the suspended vacancy. The association officials said that the management’s stand was unilateral and the strike would not end without a change.

The problems began with the suspension of Jasmine Banu, state office bearer and executive engineer, by CPM-controlled KSEB officers. The move comes on the first day of a two – day national strike last month, alleging that he had taken leave without permission and failed to hand over power. However, the Officers’ Association claimed that Jasmine had gone on leave after obtaining verbal approval from the Deputy Chief Engineer. Following this, KSEB officers also suspended state president AG Suresh Kumar. The action was taken after Suresh Kumar pushed the board to a meeting during the protest at the Thiruvananthapuram Electricity Board headquarters against the suspension of Jasmine. Suresh Kumar’s suspension is politically motivated. The organization alleges that the chairman is seeking revenge on leftist organizations for staging the strike.

Beyond the suspension process, there is another level behind the rift between the board chairman and the union leadership. The chairman had taken some steps to repair the power board and to make it work with the employees who were not working. Union leaders did not like this. The union leadership was also incensed when the chairman posted on Facebook some of the corruption that had taken place on the board during the last government. An attempt was made to transfer the KSEB land to the Munnar Society. Many societies have been given land for tourism development without the permission of the board or the government. The main irregularities pointed out by the chairman were that a junior chief executive officer leased hundreds of acres of land for commercial purposes without anyone knowing. It is said that at that time, KSEB was controlled by some officers’ association leaders by staring at the board chairman.

Disputes with the board chairman and association officials, which have been going on for weeks, have affected the functioning of the power board. The management’s action against Jasmine and Suresh Kumar is based on the union’s decision to confront the organizational force. The problem is still not solved even after hours now in the place where it was restored very soon after the power went out earlier. The connection was restored hours after power outages in several parts of the state due to heavy rains and winds in the past few days. Prolonged troubleshooting is likely to further increase customer distress and hardship. It will also exacerbate the financial crisis of the board. Minister K Krishnan Kutty said yesterday that the accumulated loss was Rs 14,000 crore.

It is up to the Minister to find a solution to this crisis which is leading to further hardship and loss to the Board and the Consumers. However, the minister said that neither he nor the Front would interfere in the strike and that the chairman should take the initiative to find a solution. The chairman, on the other hand, directed the finance director to reach a consensus without preparing for direct discussion. This position of the Minister and the Chairman has been criticized. At the same time, the rigidity of the union leadership is unacceptable.

The insistence that no action should be taken against union leaders who have failed to perform their duties and that they should be allowed to work permanently at the same station is incorrect. Any employee must maintain efficiency and discipline in the execution of duties. The Board’s progress and growth require that disciplinary action be taken against those who violate discipline. The dominant attitude of the union leaders and the attempt to subjugate the institution by organizational force is putting many public sector institutions in crisis. It needs to end.

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