The man who spoke out against tobacco back then is now starring in a pan masala ad; Criticism of Akshay Kumar 2022

Akshay Kumar’s pan masala ad Vimal is currently being discussed on social media. Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan chew pan masala and ask who is this new killer and Akshay Kumar comes in chewing pan masala.

An old video of the actor in the background of Akshay Kumar’s new ad is spreading on social media. The video shows the actor speaking out against pan masala. ‘I tell my colleagues not to promote such products. Audiences are likely to imitate it, ”Akshay Kumar said in the video.

The actor has been widely criticized on social media. ‘The same actor who said years ago that he would not act in advertisements for tobacco products is now acting in’ Vimal ‘commercial. Akshay Kumar is an opportunist, ”some commented on Twitter.

But Ajay Devgn has spoken out in favor of starring in pan masala commercials. Ajay Devgn has said that if the use of pan masala is wrong, its sale should be stopped.

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