The parents did not like the finder; The bridegroom is called and the bride is beheaded 2022

The bridegroom beheaded the young woman because her parents did not want to marry the man she found. The incident took place in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Ramu Naidu, a scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, was injured in the attack.

According to police, the woman strangled Ramu after he called her saying he would give her a surprise gift. Ramu was beheaded by 22 – year – old Pushpa. The couple had decided to get married on May 26. Pushpa told police that she was attacked because she did not want to marry Ramu.

He was opposed to marriage. But Pushpa says her parents did not care. The attackers called to the temple at the top of the hill to offer a surprise. Police said that they went to see Pushpa Ramu with three knives. Ramu, who was critically injured in the incident, is undergoing treatment at a hospital.

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