The pile of love letters piled up so high that the door could not even be opened, and it was not just women; Babu Antony openly 2022

Babu Antony was once a shining star in Malayalam cinema. After a long hiatus, he is returning to cinema with Omar Lulu’s Powerstar. Now, what he said in an interview with Media One about his career and when he came to film is gaining attention.

‘When I was studying at the University of Pune I had the essential female fan following. There were fans back then who saw Paul Walt jumping and running with his hair like this and the ball.

When he came to cinema, he became a villain and got a lot of love letters even then. I lived in Bangalore. There have been love letters that make it impossible to open the door. There have been heaps of letters, not just from women, ”she said.

My biggest success is that I never stopped doing comedy characters. Ready to do comedy if the script demands it, do a roll for comedy, or do comedy to prove my range, I do not like this show. Babu Antony said.

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