The shot is intense but I do not need it Ranjiyettan said: Thank you 2022

Nandu played the role of Maniyan, a full-fledged alcoholic in the movie Spirit. It also got a huge audience attention. Now
In an interview with Kaumudi Movies, Nandu shared the experience of director Ranjith cutting a shot that he felt was cool while acting in Spirit.

Nandu says that Ranjith has cut a shot that he likes very much but it is only the decision of the director. It’s a nice breeze. The shot is of me pouring alcohol into a plastic glass. Half of it is blown away by the wind when it pours. I pour the alcohol into a glass and pour it into my mouth from a height. Due to the wind, half of the water comes into the mouth and half is expelled.

I asked Ranjiyetta if it was a big shot. The shot was great, but I didn’t need it, so I dropped it. That is the decision of the director. It doesn’t matter if we feel great. Show what a director needs in it, ”Nandu said.

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