The technique that Pachika told me that day helped me in dubbing: Vineeth 2022

The technique that Pachika taught me that day helped me in dubbing: Vineet

Vineeth is a well known actor and dancer among the Malayalees. Vineeth made her film debut in 1985 with IV Sasi’s Idanilangal. Vineeth, who did not dub himself in the early days, started dubbing with his fourth film, Idanilangal.

Vineet later said that director Fazil had taught him the basics of dubbing. Vineet said that starting dubbing for the films he has acted in has helped a lot in giving voice to other artists and the dubbing becomes sweeter with dubbing.

In an interview with Canchanal Media, Vineet said that he was into dubbing.

‘Fazil Sara gave me basic training in dubbing. If I could dub for any other artist today, its basic blessing would have been a training of Pachika.

Pachika dubbed me for about eight to ten days in the movie Manathe Vellitheru. It was amazing that a director as talented as him at the time did so. That’s it, ‘said Vineet.

‘It was a terrific training ground for me. Pachika spent a lot of time telling me how to modulate the sound and how to control the breathing.

Also, during the dubbing of Manatham Vellitheru, Pachika teaches me how to bring the base to the voice. He gave me the confidence that I could do it, ‘Vineet added.

Content Highlight: Vineet said that director Fazil taught him the basics of dubbing.

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