The tiger does not stay 2022

The stay of Prithviraj starrer ‘Tiger’ has been withdrawn. Subsequent stay on the petition filed by Jose Kuruvinakunnel. Jose Kuruvinakkunnel already knew about the shooting of the movie Tiger. By 2020, the script was fully read. But Jose was not against the film at the time. Jose also deliberately concealed his dismissal of a petition filed in another district court. The court dismissed the petition citing these matters.

The film ‘Tiger’ is not a biography. It is the result of the screenwriter’s creative imagination. A film is the work and livelihood of a lot of people. The court also noted that a person who comes in with dirty hands cannot prevent its release. The ‘tiger’ stays in December. The film was stayed by the Ernakulam sub-court. Directed by Shaji Kailas, the film is a mass entertainer. Shaji Kailas is all set to return to directing after eight years. The film stars Vivek Oberoi as the main villain. The film is scripted by Jinu Abraham, author of Masters and London Bridge and directed by Adam John. The film is being produced by Listin Stephen under the banner of Magic Frames and Supriya Menon under the banner of Prithviraj Productions.

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