There will be no technical facilities; Kavya will not be questioned at home: Crime Branch 2022

Kavya Madhavan cannot be questioned at home: Crime Branch The interrogation should be based on digital evidence, including forensic documents. This requires technical equipment such as projectors. However, the Crime Branch explained that Kavya’s house did not have the technical facilities to see the evidence and therefore could not be questioned at home.

Interrogation at home should be postponed. The probe team has asked Kavya to co-operate. Kavya Madhavan is being questioned as part of the ongoing investigation into the case of attacking the actress. Earlier, it was reported that Dileep will be interrogated at his Padmasarovar home in Aluva.

Kavya was asked to arrive at the police club but was questioned at home. The crime branch then sought legal advice. Based on this, it was decided to go home and question him. He was scheduled to be questioned this afternoon. According to Kavya’s lawyers, Kavya was not informed that she could not be questioned at home.

Kavya’s interrogation is crucial in the case. The Crime Branch is preparing for the interrogation based on the digital evidence obtained in the ongoing investigation. In a conversation between Dileep’s sister’s husband Suraj and Sarath, it was mentioned that Kavya should be caught in the case.

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