They are looking after the poor Bengali Muslims; Brinda Karat blames Bajrang Dal for causing trouble in Jahangirpuri 2022

CPI (M) PB member Brinda Karat has said that the bulldozer demolition in Jahangirpuri has a political agenda. It was Bajrang Dal who caused the clashes on Hanuman Jayanti. Brinda also alleged that they were targeting the poor Bengali Muslims in Jahangirpuri.

Most of the people living here are Bengali Muslims. Bajrang Dal activists had clashed on this Ram Navami day but no action was taken against them. ‘After the BJP president made a public statement in the slum, the Municipal Corporation started cracking down on illegal immigrants in Jahangirpuri. However, after considering the petitions against this, the High Court ordered that the status quo should not be allowed in Jahangirpuri. The court ruled that the order had not been obtained. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ”

Brinda Karat had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the eviction using bulldozers. The corporation took steps to crack down on illegal immigrants in Jahangirpuri after the Hanuman Jayanti procession culminated in communal clashes.

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