Virat came running towards me, but I still had doubts about it, or if I get it, there will be nothing bigger than that: Dinesh Karthik 2022

Virat came running towards me, but I was skeptical, or if I got it, there would be nothing bigger than that: Dinesh Karthik

The Royal Challengers Bangalore – Lucknow Super Giants match was a match that the spectators watched with great excitement. Lucknow captain K.L. Rahul’s wicket.

It was also a turning point in the competition. If Rahul, who was playing in lethal form, had not been bowled out for 30, the match would have slipped out of Bengaluru’s hands.

Rahul was dismissed in the eighth over by Herschelle Patel. After the keeper was caught, the umpire did not call out and captain Faf du Plessis called the DRS and took the wicket.

But even Rahul could not believe that he had brought the ball to his bat. It was so slow that the ball bounced off the bat.

The decision to call the DRS was the turning point in the game. Dinesh Karthik, the wicket-keeper, was asked to call the DRS.

Now, Dinesh Karthik is talking about Rahul’s wicket. The star’s response was to Star Sports.

‘To be honest, I did not know anything. I thought it was with the ball bat. It was at that time that Virat came running towards me. I still wondered if it was because he was out, because Virat always runs to his side like this.

I was waiting for someone else to say this because the umpire had not called wide either. I was asking Fafin to take the DRS because it was a big wicket, ‘says Karthik.

Rahul was out for 30 off 24 balls. With this, Bangalore got the required break through.

Lucknow, who chased down RCB’s 181, were bowled out for 163.

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