We still have a chance not to ruin our future; Karnataka student demands hijab 2022

Karnataka student reiterates demand removal of hijab ban Alia Azadi, one of the students who approached the High Court against the ban on hijab, made the request to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomma. Alia Hijab demanded that the ban be lifted in a tweet that tagged the Chief Minister saying that you still have a chance not to ruin our future.

Pre-university exams will start on the 22nd of this month. Alia tweeted that the hijab ban would affect students who want to write this. You still have a chance not to ruin their future. You should be allowed to write the exam while wearing hijab. “The future of this country is promising. Please consider this,” he tweeted.

The hashtag “Hijab is our right” was tweeted. Alia, 17, has approached the Supreme Court against the ban. The petition was asked to be considered urgently but the court rejected this demand.

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