What will happen if Sreejith is replaced? 2022

There is a widespread propaganda on social media and mainstream media that the removal of Crime Branch chief S Sreejith and his transfer from the police to sabotage the investigation into the case of the attack on the actress and some related cases. WCC, a women’s organization working in the film industry, and others have come forward with some such doubts.

It is the agenda of the government to replace any officer in the government system, not the police. Government is a collective, hierarchical system. The coming and going of officials should not affect that system at all. The practice is to replace the police officer who is investigating a case with the next police officer or another officer in charge. To say that only one official, S Sreejith, can investigate or prove Dileep’s cases is tantamount to insulting the entire bureaucracy in Kerala.

S Sreejith, who was the head of the crime branch, was investigating a case in which one of the accused, film star Dileep, tried to endanger the police officers who were investigating the case of attacking the actress. But as part of the changes at the top level of the police, Sreejith was appointed as the Transport Commissioner. Dileep’s case, which Sreejith was looking for, was then sabotaged. In Kerala, there are about 15 ADGP rank officers, one of whom, Sreejith, is one of them. How do outsiders know if a police officer is investigating a case well or not? Others can say that the police investigated the case well only when the accused in the case was tried and convicted due to the clarity of the evidence.

We have a social system that imposes innocence on certain individuals, bureaucrats and politicians. If actor Dileep has committed a criminal act, he will be punished if the investigating officer files a chargesheet with the evidence he finds and the court approves the evidence. Otherwise the court will release the person. This is the basic function of our legal system. Beliefs, arguments, and arguments that evidence can only be obtained if it is investigated by a particular official and that the court accepts that evidence stems from a misunderstanding of the legal system and the workings of the court.

The government system is a perpetual one. A machine that is running smoothly. If you change the operator, the machine will not stop. There is a character named Chandrakaran in CV Raman Pillai’s novel Dharmaraja. There is a saying that he always wants to be the ruler of Travancore. It can only sympathize with those who think that ‘I will rule Travancore only if Sreejith’ or an official like him inquires into it. Sreejith may be a skilled police officer, but the police system in Kerala is similarly rich with many skilled officers. The strength of that system is the thousands of officers, from DGP Law and Order to civil police officers. It is like an unbroken chain.


The investigation of a case begins with the first information report that is filed with the police station in the area where a crime was committed. The investigation has several stages, and if the culprits are caught or the evidence is not substantial, the investigation is prolonged, and sometimes the investigation is handed over to some other agency, with the investigating officer not being the first to investigate. All of this is something that usually happens in a case investigation. Sometimes the court will order the chargesheet itself to be quashed and re-investigated.

The notion that the police officer who investigates the case along with our commercial films and media is a superman who got the wrong gift instilled in the instincts of the Malayalees. Nothing that the police write down will come at a big price when it comes to court. There, the court finds out whether a defendant has committed a crime or not at the end of a trial based on the law of evidence. No court thinks that you can convict this case because it was investigated by a police officer today.

So end the goo goo calls from all sides, let another competent officer investigate this case, prove it, whether the accused is convicted or not, let the police, the court and the legal system do their job. This is what is desirable for a democratic civilized society.


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