When Mammootty and Dulquar told the CBI that this name was enough, I had another thought in my mind: Swargachithra Appachan 2022

Fans are waiting for the new movie in the CBI series. CBI 5 The Brain is on the post production stage with Mammootty in the lead and K Madhu in the lead. Swargachithra Appachan, the producer of the film, has said that the current name of the film is CBI 5 The Brain.

The name ‘CBI 5’ was there when SN Swamy was writing the story. Director Madhu Sir and everyone liked that name. Mammootty and Dulquar used to say that the title CBI 5 was enough for this film. I also wanted something like CBI5. But it’s an identity. ‘

‘One of Sethuramayya’s weapons is his brain. The character has no beats, no guns, no pens and no weapons. So I said put the name The Brain too. That consultation went on for a long time. Madhu Sir, Swami and Mammootty must like this name. Mammootty is the main one. ‘

‘Appachan First Day Mammootty told me that good people should not come and make a profit, the name CBI5 is enough for that. That’s right, but I said it was a wish of mine. Finally, after the shooting of the film, Mammootty asked me to write and show CBI 5 The Brain. At first he saw the name and said no, it’s not right. When the second one was written in a different design, Mammootty called Ranji Panicker and showed him. Ranji Panicker said he was fine after seeing him. ‘

‘It is safe to say that Ranji was influenced in a small way in order to say that. If Mammootty knew this I would think he was crazy. In the end, Mammootty said that Appachan can do as he pleases. That’s how CBI 5: The Brain got its name. ‘ Appachan said in an interview with Baiju Nair.

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