When the experiments were over, this was the work that was done- Ben Cutting 2022

The Rajasthan Royals are the most balanced team in the Premier League this season. However, unnecessary tests in yesterday’s match were the reason for Rajasthan’s defeat. The setback in the match. The team with batting depth as good as it was was to ask for defeat and buy through unnecessary experimentation. Now Ben Cutting’s words about the Rajasthan defeat are remarkable.

“Rajasthan’s decision to try at number three was wrong. Rajasthan has shown great stupidity. Like everyone else, I was amazed. The logic of dropping Ashwin to number three is not clear. I do not understand why such a decision is made when there are good players. I do not think the decision to field Rajasthan’s Ashwin is the right one if it does not get off to a good start. It was an unnecessary move. This is stupid. ”

According to sources, if Sanju had come down, things would have changed.

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