With Congress now, we cannot say tomorrow; Stepmother policy for party to Karunakaran’s children: Padmaja Venugopal 2022

With Congress now, we cannot say tomorrow; Stepmother policy for the party towards Karunakaran’s children: Padmaja Venugopal

Kozhikode: Congress leader Padmaja Venugopal has said that she is with the party at present and cannot say anything about the future. Her response came in an interview with Kaumudi’s YouTube channel.

I’m the one who decides not to let anyone leave the party. Some difficulties still haunt me. It is not often because we are incompetent or not working that we are turned away in many places, and many who are not qualified are coming up. There is a problem with that.

Padmaja also said that she has nothing to gain when they get recognition, but she feels sad that there is a bias somewhere.

The Rajya Sabha seat was not expected to be given to JB Mather. Glad the seat was given to a woman. K. Padmaja also said that the party has a step-mother policy towards Karunakaran’s children.

KV Padmaja said he did not expect a move against Thomas from the party but he did get the most out of the party.

Padmaja said Thomas Mash would have his own problems or no one would have made such a decision.

I have the power but I can serve the people. As brothers between me and K. Muraleedharan also sometimes gets into conflicts and quarrels. Currently in compatibility. “I don’t know if he has the idea that his aunt should just look after the house and stay at home, but those around Muraleedharan do,” Padmaja said.

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