Zubair assassination; CM forgets to rule, CM runs communal favor in the name of social engineering: VD Satheesan 2022

Zubair assassination; CM forgets to rule, CM runs communal favor in the name of social engineering: VD Satheesan

Kozhikode: Opposition leader V.D. Satheesan. VD was through a Facebook post. Satheesan came on the scene against the Chief Minister.

Another Vishu day ended in grief. He killed his son in front of his father. Communal forces are disintegrating in Kerala. Murders are constantly taking place in the name of communalism. VD said that the Chief Minister, who is also in charge of the Home Department, had forgotten to rule. Satheesan blamed.

The Chief Minister is carrying out communal appeasement in the name of social engineering. Therefore, the government cannot take strong action against communal forces and aggressors.

No one has any control. The government is keeping a close eye on the efforts of various communal organizations to create communal polarization. Still, the Chief Minister should have control over the Home Department. Communal forces must be stopped. He also said in a Facebook post that the voice of the people should ensure life.

However, the BJP district leadership has denied any involvement of the BJP or Sangh Parivar in Zubair’s murder.

The BJP district committee also said that the Popular Front was trying to provoke a riot. The SDPI had alleged that the RSS was behind the killing. This was followed by the response of the BJP district committee.

The car abandoned by the mob that killed Zubair has been found. The group arrived in two cars and escaped in one car.

The car numbered KL11 AR641 was abandoned. The car was found to be owned by Sanjit, an RSS activist killed in November. The car was abandoned after being stabbed by the killer gang. It is now in police custody.

The murder took place at around 1.30 pm on Friday, on the way home from Zubair’s mosque. Zubair was rushed to the district hospital but could not save his life.

The attack was carried out by a group of two cars. Zubair’s father was injured when he fell off his bike. Zubair is a local SDPI activist. It is suspected that political animosity was the reason for the murder. Police have launched an investigation.

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